Dear Sir/Madam,

Maison Chance is a springboard for orphans, street children, disadvantaged people and the physically handicapped in Vietnam. We provide housing, health care, education and vocational training to help them rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. At Maison Chance, the saying “Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him for A Day. Teach A Man to Fish, Feed Him for A Lifetime” is practiced every day.

Our several on-going projects at the following locations: Maison Chance Shelter offering accommodation for orphans, street children, disadvantaged people and the physically handicapped , Take Wing Center providing employment, training services and health care for the disabled, Village Chance owning schooling system for nearly 200 disadvantaged students and accommodations for around 30 physically handicapped households while Maison Chance Social Center in Dak Nong Province recently built giving home, studying and working space for the local 150 students and 100 physically handicapped.

In order to create more jobs as well as sustainable incomes for the community, under Maison Chance’s assistance, Maison Chance social enterprise (DNXH) was established, which was officially registered on 09/01/2019.

Social enterprise conducts business based on products and services created by the disadvantaged people and the physically handicapped. Most of the revenue is to maintain & develop philanthropic programs while partly contributes to the business operating.
Maison Chance social enterprise’s vision: For a sufficient meaningful life for the less-privileged people in Vietnam.
Currently, our main work includes 7 parts: Guest house service; Community tours in HCM city and Dak Nong; Pastry; Paintings; Teddy bears; Handmade stone carvings and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.
Up to date, Maison Chance has built a good reputation and cooperation with several partners including: Liberty Insurance Office, Roche Vietnam Company, Vingroup enterprise, etc. By sending this message, we are calling for your sponsorship and/or cooperation to create a bilateral business opportunity as well as facilitate better conditions for less-privileged people.
Products, services offered by our orphans, disadvantaged and the physically handicapped friends are all filled with love. We wish you all the best and are looking forward to hearing from you soon!